Immersing audiences, globally, by streaming interactive 3D experiences from the cloud anytime, anywhere.

Providing access to graphic-intensive applications on any web browser, from any connected device.

With our highly skilled 3D creative team, Xpanse fulfils all aspects from creative design to full deployment.



Xpanse provides full freedom of movement to engage and explore an immersive 3D environment in a natural and intuitive way.

In a physical, live space you would naturally engage with.

A carefully considered connectivity centre allows for live chat, communication and interactions for a human touch.

Review, publish and distribute interactive 3D content securely. Proprietary data is never exposed, users see what you want them to see.

Gather analytics, customer journey and interactions to interface third party applications or CRMs.

Help reduce carbon footprint by deploying an online 3D, fully immersive environment and maintain connections with audiences around the world.

Maximize a physical and digital investment by channelling resources towards a digital asset that can be distributed and accessed 24/7 from any device, anywhere.

Xpanse delivers fast effective interactive 3D simulations and placement of media material for accessibility worldwide, whatever the sector.

Allow an unlimited number of concurrent visitors to access, browse and engage through direct messaging along with a theatre for live or pre-recorded viewing.

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